Wednesday Round-up: Tiny House Inspiration

I follow a handful of Tiny House blogs and am always looking for inspiration on the tiny house design/build process, homesteading, and minimizing my life. I thought I’d start a new post series where I share some of the posts, articles, and videos about tiny house living that have been inspiring me over the last week.

This week’s finds:

The Tiny Life

How To Quit Impulse Shopping

Impulse shopping is something I struggle with, and although I religiously budget every dollar (I loooove You Need A Budget), I frequently find myself trying to make room in the budget for purchases I regret almost immediately. I have savings goals for my ultimate tiny house dreams, but in the short term just try and keep my head above water instead of really buckling down and working towards those goals.

I found Amanda’s suggestions in this article helpful and will definitely use them moving forward, especially implementing a spending freeze for one week out of every month. For one week out of every month (preferably at the start of the month to kick off the month with a strong start), she suggests entirely freezing money spent on social activities. Instead, meet up with friends at the park or go for a hike or spend time in each other’s homes instead of meeting up for coffee, drinks, dinner, etc. There are definitely times when this won’t be applicable (events like concerts whose schedules are set ahead of time) but I think this is an excellent strategy!

Tiny House Blog

The Fortune Cookie

This video tour showcases a totally unique and whimsical tiny house designed and built by Zyl Vardos. He mentions a love of “zany and creative” tiny house designs, and that’s totally apparent in the curved frame, arched doorway, and interesting windows. I love the siding and colorful accents!

Pioneer Thinking

Apartment Homesteading

Tiny house living is my dream, but it’s a long way off for me. Since I’m currently living in an apartment with a tiny porch and no yard, I’m interested in learning what I can grow in a little porch garden or even indoors. Composting has long been on my list of things to try, but I hadn’t ever thought of growing more than just herbs indoors.

In this article, Becky suggests starting a container vegetable garden with lettuce, spinach, carrots, and even certain berries. Since those are all foods I buy and try to incorporate into my meals, it would be fantastic if I could grow them indoors, and my wheels immediately started turning on how I can incorporate the potted vegetable garden into wall decor with a handful of shelves. Stay tuned for this one, folks!

Apartment Therapy

House Tour: An Incredible, One-of-a-Kind Expanding Tiny House

This house truly is incredible and one-of-a-kind. I had seen tiny homes with porches that raised and lowered like draw bridges or drop-down bars to create larger outdoor living spaces adjacent to the house, but never a tiny house that expanded to create additional living space indoors. The creators of this tiny home run a film and theater set design company, which I think shows through in this tiny home. While their style is dramatically different from my own, I took a lot of inspiration from their creative use of space, and the pictures are all just magical.


Tiny House Options Worksheet

And last but not least, something interactive! A worksheet! One that got me thinking on everything I still don’t know about what I want in a tiny house. This worksheet outlines the basic design decisions you’ll need to make for your tiny house – what type of trailer, what type of roof,  what finishes, etc. – and it’s great to get you thinking about some of the design decisions past just “how much living space do I need? where do I put the toilet?” If you’re like me you never thought about the type of insulation or electrical system, so this will prompt you to start thinking about some of the practical aspects of design that you’ll need to research as you get closer to the “build” stage.

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