I planted my herb garden!

A few weeks ago I purchased this herb garden kit (not a sponsored link, just the one I bought), and it sat in the box for weeks and weeks while I procrastinated actually planting it. I’ve written before about wanting to try gardening, specifically indoor container gardening, and an herb garden kit seemed like a good place to start for someone whose only “gardening” experience is killing several succulents.

I wanted to share my excitement at finally starting to grow something (next steps: growing vegetables and starting a compost bin for my plants) and also review the herb garden kit in case any of you are interested in taking a baby step towards growing your own food.

I chose to plant mine at my office since (a) my office window faces southwest and gets more sun than anywhere in my apartment, and (b) I can appreciate my adorable windowsill herb garden all day at work instead of only at home. Plus my cat can’t knock the pots over or eat the plants if they’re at work!

I finally planted my herb garden! And a lil baby clipping from a coworker’s pothos plant.

When I got to my office on a Sunday evening to plant this herb garden, I expected it to be a really quick process of popping seeds in little soil seed-starters and BOOM, done. It ended up being a little more involved than that… It was still simple (hydrate the soil, fill the pots, plant the seeds, and BOOM, done) but I wasn’t quite expecting to get my hands dirty and I definitely did. The soil comes as dehydrated pucks so you have to add water and break it up before planting.

Soil pucks at three levels of hydration – dehydrated in the beginning, growing as they take in water, and then completely hydrated and broken up.

Once the soil is hydrated, it’s just a matter of filling the biodegradable pots included in the kit and planting the seeds. The seeds come vacuum-sealed and every plant came with more than the 10-15 seeds recommended for planting, so there’s no worry of not having enough.

Seeds planted, covered, and ready to grow into tasty herbs!

The kit also includes little plant markers so you can keep track of your plants as you water them and wait for them to sprout! I also have a little clipping of my coworker’s plant that I planted alongside my herb garden to keep the herbs company.

These little pots are adorable all lined up in a windowsill, and the kit instructions were clear to help out a newbie gardener like me. We’ll see if these seeds sprout (it’s a bit cold, even with all the sun this window gets, and I’m not sure if I had the soil moisture levels right when I planted them) but the planting process was fun and I’m hopeful! Nature’s Blossom also has some other kits that look intriguing – one with four varieties of peppers, and an exotic vegetable kit with purple carrots and blue corn. Those might be in my future!

Do you guys grow your own herbs? What about veggies? Leave your tips in the comments (because goodness knows I need them)!

My herb garden (and their buddy plant) enjoying the sunshine and the view!


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