I killed my herb garden!

It’s been a few weeks since I planted my herb garden, so I figured it’s time for a progress post. The ultimate results of my attempts to grow this herb garden are… failure. I completely and utterly failed to grow a single herb out of five attempted pots.

About a week after planting, my thyme had one teeny tiny sprout and my cilantro began to shoot up really nicely. The soil had dried out pretty badly, so I watered them but wound up drowning my thyme. The cilantro continued to thrive until I was out of the office four days in a row. Upon my return, the sprouts were withered and dead, lying on the dried-out soil.

Still, I kept watering the pots, trying to keep the soil somewhat moist without drowning any potential sprouts, and soon enough I had little sprouts of parsley! Those began to grow until once again I was gone from the office for four straight days. On my return, those sprouts looked like the dead cilantro: wilted and pale and sad, lying on the dried-up soil.

My cilantro’s progression from the first tiny sprouts to nice tall sprouts to death.

I initially thought my office windowsill was the best place to try and grow these herbs since it gets more sunlight than anyplace at home, and there’s no cat to knock them over at the office. However, with the office heating and AC running constantly, the air is much drier than the air in my apartment. I’m also not here every day to monitor them, between holidays and weekends and conferences and meetings. It turns out that my office maybe wasn’t the best choice of locations when trying to grow herbs from seeds. It doesn’t help that the biodegradable containers are porous, allowing the soil to dry out more easily than a plastic container.

On the plus side, I’ve still got these containers and soil, and I can go pick up new seeds at a local gardening store and try again, paying more attention to the soil moisture levels. Any tips for a newbie gardener who just failed miserably in her first attempt?


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