~”About” coming soon~

For now, here’s the first post from this blog to give a flavor of who I am and what I’m doing here!


Hello, world!

Welcome to Simple Tiny Mine! Or should I say, please welcome Simple Tiny Mine into the world? We’re excited to be here!

I’m Katie, the creator of STM, and I’m thrilled to launch this little blog and throw this awkward first post out into the open. Introductions are always the hardest part, right?

I wanted to introduce this blog and myself and talk a little about why we’re here! I see this blog as a place for me to document my journey towards achieving financial freedom and downsizing my life, and as a place for me to connect with other people looking to live a simpler, smaller life.

In case you have a few questions for me up front:

What does Simple Tiny Mine mean?

Simple, tiny, and mine are the characteristics of the life I’m trying to build for myself. I want to downsize, simplify, and remove clutter from my life. I want to draw my focus back to the things I love, like creating, exploring, and spending time outdoors. And most importantly, I want a life I can claim full ownership of. I want a life of financial freedom where the decisions I make aren’t made out of financial motivations but out of my own desires. By removing “stuff” and living a simple and tiny life I plan to redirect a larger portion of my income to travel and adventure.

So are you, like, building a tiny house?

Not yet, but that’s the goal. That’s probably 5+ years off into the future based on my current budget and living situation, so for now I’m focusing on ways I can live tiny before the tiny house. Ways I can live more simply and deliberately while saving and planning and working towards the tiny house.

But you want to live in a 200sqft home?

I do. Or, I think I do. I have for a while! I currently live in a 650sqft apartment and rarely think “I need more space!” When I consider the way I use my space, a 200sqft apartment designed with my daily life in mind could easily work just as well. I do wish I had a better space for my bike, but with a tiny house I’d probably have a shed for a bike, grill, and other outdoor gear.

Does it really count as living the tiny life if you also have a shed?

I think yes. Well, really I think it depends. But the way I’m planning on using it, yes. Not a shed to let me continue mindlessly accumulating junk, but a shed to store bike gear and general equipment that enables me to have more outdoor experiences. Not day-to-day needs or the junk that currently fills my closets.

Why tiny?

I plan on doing a full post about this, but the primary reasons are (1) to force me to live more intentionally, and (2) to enable me to put more money towards fun experiences and less towards having a place to live.

Thank you so much for visiting this little blog, and I hope you’ll stick around for the journey!